Sneak Peek: Excellence in Printmaking 2012

"Inside" by Jennifer Anderson

We want to give a big thank you to Joann Moser, senior curator at SAAM and this year’s Excellence in Printmaking juror. You can see Multiplicity, the printmaking exhibition she curated, at SAAM right now.  Thanks to Joann’s help, accepted artists have been notified for Excellence in Printmaking 2012!  We’ll have a full list after the show goes up on February 1, but in the mean time, enjoy these images! More information about the exhibition will be on our website next week.


"Navy Gator" by Shana Stephens

"Too Much Love" by Brittany Ferguson

"Amateur" by Laura Finestone


2 responses to “Sneak Peek: Excellence in Printmaking 2012

  1. Whatever You Say

    Pretty much sucks that you folks don’t have the decency to contact ALL of the entrants to let them know if they were included or not. A simple thank you for submitting and paying your hard earned money to apply would suffice! Yes, much better to just leave people hanging and not knowing whether their entry was even received. Thanks so much!

    • I am sorry you didn’t provide your name, as EIGHT entrants provided an email address that didn’t work. We will be going through those returned emails today, finding the entrant’s phone numbers, and letting those people know the results. Next time, I suggest checking your entry completely before submitting it and jumping to conclusions.