Ed McCluney at Parish Gallery

"Gargoyle and Five Doors" by Edward McCluney

WPG artist Edward McCluney has several drawings and paintings included at Parish Gallery’s “Dutch Auction-Bid Down Not Up,” on view now through February 29th.  Also included in the show are works by other mid-career artists that have shown at Parish Gallery over the years.

This auction is different from a traditional auction as you bid down from the asking price.  The trick is to stay over the hidden reserve (aka lowest accepted price).  At the end of the show, the bidder with the highest bid (somewhere between the lowest accepted price and the asking price), wins the artwork.

At the time of this writing Ed’s work had not made it to the exhibition page, but it should be there soon.  In the mean time, you can get more information at Parish Gallery’s website or see examples of Ed’s prints here.


One response to “Ed McCluney at Parish Gallery

  1. Ed McCluney is fabulous.