Member Artists News, January 2012 roundup

We’ve listed some of this before, or maybe in different venues, but in case you didn’t hear….

1. Martha Oatway will join her printmaking friend Tracy Hill for the second installation of the Field of Vision exhibition at the Harris Museum in Preston, UK–on view starting soon and up through mid-March.  Best of luck across the pond!

2. Lila Oliver Asher’s print “Dandelion” graces this Spring’s cover of the Daniel Smith Catalog.  You can see a picture of it in our Print of the Day album.

3. Lee Newman has a very nice blog entry written about him on the blog “That’s Inked Up,” which you can read here.

4. Ed McCluney has work in the “Dutch Auction” exhibition at Parish Gallery.  You can read our earlier posting on that exhibition here.

5. Finally, we want to give you a little teaser:  A group of WPG member artists and friends will be exhibiting prints at two locations in Shanghai this April.  In return, a group of Chinese artists will be exhibiting at WPG this June.  We’re working on the press materials now, full details will be posted in a week or two.  Check back soon!


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