Artist Update: Heather McMordie

"Shifting Spaces V" by Heather McMordie

Heather McMordie, one of WPG’s two emerging printmaker members,  is currently in her fourth year of studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA), where she is studying printmaking.  She will graduate this fall with a certificate in Printmaking, and will go on to complete her BFA at the University of Pennsylvania.

Heather’s recent work can be summarized as an exploration of printmaking through the medium of stones.  Using rocks and stones as her source of inspiration and imagery, Heather has begun to make prints that use rock shapes and patterns  in both representational and abstract ways.  One of her primary modes of image-making is collographs. For the past few months, Heather has been gessoing irregular pieces of chipboard to make printable “rocks” and then printing them in various different arrangements space and color.  Heather also enjoys using lithographic and monotype techniques in her processes.
You can see one of Heather’s stone prints “In Foreign Matter,” in this month’s member’s exhibition.

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