Sneak Peek: A Thing or Two

"Blues Alley" by Ellen Verdon Winkler

WPG artist Ellen Verdon Winkler is busy gearing up for her May solo exhibition, A Thing or Two.  We just posted 18 of Ellen’s new prints on our website. You can see a few here, along with her artist statement, below.  Mark your calendars for her Opening Reception on May 5th!

Most of the work prepared for this show was done in the last 12 months. The work began with monotypes done in Rock Creek Park. They were studies of the rock formations that line the creek.

I thought it would be interesting to try one of those images as an etching, so I began to focus my attention on the various intaglio methods. The work included a number of landscapes and outdoor scenes, and several prints done from sketches of riders on the subway.

"Day Lily Capsules" by Ellen Verdon Winkler

As winter approached and I was unable to continue working out of doors, I began studies of small objects. Some of these were from my garden, but one was an object that I found in the street on a gray November day… a lost pompom.

I rescued that item, and began to work with it and with other things I found or made. My concern was not the object itself, but the marks I was making to describe it. Those marks were made with techniques that included drypoint, hard and soft ground, and engraving.
My greatest interest in the works in this show is in texture of the prints. Engraving particularly leaves a thick ropey line of ink on the surface of the print. The surface marks are unique to hand pulled prints and have fascinated me because of the added dimension of “data” embedded in the print.

One response to “Sneak Peek: A Thing or Two

  1. These look great. I really love the rich depth of value achieved in each work, and how it reacts to the empty space. I wish I could be there for the opening. Good luck!