Sneak Peek: Ex Libris

Image Credit: Zhang Fengquan

Oops!  We started talking about Ex Libris yesterday thinking this post had been scheduled to go up over the weekend.  Looks like it didn’t!  Here’s more information about this very exciting exhibition:

After almost two years of planning, WPG is excited to announce Ex Libris: An Exhibition of Prints by Chinese Artists.  This is the second half of an exchange exhibition.  The first half features 73 prints by 36 WPG members and friends of the gallery, which are to be exhibited at the Shanghai International Convention Center, April 15-21 and the China Telecom Building, April 22-28.

In return, a yet-to-be-disclosed number of prints by Chinese artists are coming to WPG to be exhibited for the first time in the US.  The title of the show, “Ex Libris,” refers to the bookplate, or proprietary illustration, within a book. As such, the included works are book-sized, or small, and display a wide range of aesthetics as well as traditional illustration methods including woodcut and wood engraving.  WPG is especially pleased to welcome 10 of the artists and organizers to WPG for the Opening Reception on Saturday, June 2.  We hope you’ll mark your calendars for this special opportunity to meet these international artists. Check back soon for more information!


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