Bookbinding workshops in VA

"The Journey" by WPG artist Rosemary Cooley, an accordion artist book

Hi Virginia artists, ever wanted to learn more about bookbinding and can’t make it all the way up to Pyramid Atlantic?  We just received a lovely invitation from Cat Tail Run in Winchester, VA.  We won’t be able to attend any of their workshops, which is unfortunate, because they look like fun!  Particularly interesting is Marbling Week-Three workshops that take the participant step by step from paper creation to finished book, starting with Beginning Marbling, then the Art of Paste Papers, and finally, Miniature Books: Creation and Craftsmanship.

Interested in these workshops or want to see what else Cat Tail Run offers?  Check out their class website.  Happy Binding!


One response to “Bookbinding workshops in VA

  1. Winchester is quite a ways away. From Northern Virginia, it took almost two hours to get out there.