Ex Libris Update

Wishing we were in Shanghai this weekend.  Not that this weekend isn’t going to be great fun at WPG–we have our opening reception for SPRING as part of Pyramid Atlantic’s 31st birthday bash on Saturday, 2-6 pm.  But we digress, If you just so happen to be in Shanghai on Sunday, you can catch the opening of “Contemporary Printmaking: American Impressions.” This exhibition is the first half of an exchange exhibition between American and Chinese printmakers organized by WPG member Rosemary Cooley.  73 prints by 36 WPG artists and artist friends will be on view first at the Shanghai International Convention Center, and then at the China Telecom Building.  Below is a slideshow of just a few selected works that will be on view.

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We are also getting more information on the prints that will be coming here for the second half of the exchange in June.  This is the Ex Libris, or book-sized, exhibition we mentioned in an earlier post.  We don’t have any new images to share with you, but Rosemary has seen some and says they are beautiful! Also, the selling price will start at right around $65.  An absolute STEAL, we think, to start up your international art collection.

Check back soon for pictures from the Opening Reception of American Impressions and also for more sneak peeks of the prints that will be here in June.


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  1. All the prints are beautiful. I’m jealous I won’t be in Shanghai.