National Small Works 2012 FAQ

TONIGHT is the early bird, reduced fee deadline for National Small Works.  If you miss that deadline, you do still have some time to apply–the final deadline is May 19–but the fee goes up.  We’ve seen a lot of entries in the past two days, and have had a couple phone calls, too, asking for clarification on a few points.  So, in an effort to help any last-minute applicants, here’s a list of a few FAQ’s and their answers.  If you can’t find the answer here, definitely call us!

What does the 170 square inch size limit apply to? This size limit applies to the printed area, not the size of the paper or the frame.  Roughly, this is a 13×13 inch square.  The paper can be larger, but, make sure it fits into an 18 inch frame.  Due the the amount of works we have to fit in here, the outside height or width cannot be larger than 18 inches.

It’s asking me to pay and I haven’t uploaded my images yet! Different entry systems work different ways–some let you upload your images first and then pay, some make you pay first.  Smarter Entry is one of those where you pay first.  After you have created your profile and submitted your credit card information, the site will redirect you to a page where you can upload and edit your images.  KEEP IN MIND that you can create a profile image for yourself when you are creating a profile.  This is NOT where you upload your prints and will NOT be judged.

Are solarplates, photogravures, or other photographic print processes eligible?  Generally, yes.  A good rule of thumb is if the digitally or photographically created image is transferred to a matrix such as a screen or plate and then printed by hand (either with a squeegee, through a press, or some other traditional method) then it is considered a hand-pulled print.  If you exposed the final “print” in a darkroom or printed it out from a printer, it is not a hand-pulled print.  We know there are a lot of gray areas here, such as digital prints combined with handpulled prints, print collages, etc, so call us if you’re unsure.

Help! It’s 2 minutes away from the deadline and I’m having trouble uploading my images and there’s no one to call! First, calm down, take a deep breath, and read the instructions again.  You’re probably just rushing and missed a step.  We do have a built-in grace period of about 30 minutes for all those last-minute applicants (hey, we’ve been there, too).  If you really can’t get it to work, send us an email or leave us a phone message.  We’ll note the time, and, as long as it’s within that 30 minute grace period (so we know you really did try), we can help you finish your application the next business day.


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