May Show Pics

Bebop the gallery dog welcomes you to our May shows!

Our May Exhibitions are up!  Ellen Verdon Winkler has her prolific new solo exhibition of recent works, called A Thing or Two, up in the main space.  In addition to her etchings, there are also some wonderful preliminary drawings and a few early states of finished prints.  You can see some of them here, but come in to truly experience them.  Ellen has left out magnifying glasses so you can get up close and personal with the work.  Also, starting tomorrow, we will have a slideshow going of macro-photographs Ellen took of her prints and plates.  You can really get a sense of how marks are made on a plate and how the ink and paper are pushed into these marks.  It’s too big for our wordpress blog, so you’ll have to come in to see it!  Also in the slideshow are some pics from our members show.  We have so much work in the gallery–this is by no means an exhaustive installation slideshow!

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2 responses to “May Show Pics

  1. The pictures look great. And Bebop is so…. cute.