Sneak Peek: Three Figurative Printmakers

“Seated Figure” by Robert D’Arista

WPG member Lee Newman has turned his solo exhibition into a 3-person exhibition this coming July.  We just got some images from him, Jack Boul, and the late Robert D’Arista, some of which are shown here.

Boul, D’Arista, and Newman have exhibited their work together on number of occasions over the past thirty years. Their work reflects the aesthetic values of what once was known as the American University Style or School (all three of them being associated with AU) which grew out of the Studio House school of painting at the Phillips Collection. The style is characterized by an intimate scale, a painterly approach bordering on abstraction, and an emphasis on the geometric underpinnings of composition.  If you enjoy Ellen

“Apartment” by Lee Newman

Winkler’s work (she also studied with Jack Boul) in her current solo exhibition, A Thing or Two, you’ll enjoy Three Figurative Printmakers as well.

Mark your calendars for the opening reception on Sunday, July 8, 2-5 pm.  Lee Newman and Jack Boul will be in attendance.


One response to “Sneak Peek: Three Figurative Printmakers

  1. I wish I could see the show; I love Robert D’Arista’s prints.