White Noise World Premier

DC area artist and friend of the gallery Tom Block is branching out into other creative fields.  You may remember him from the April 2010 Amnesty International Human Rights Arts Fair, which he organized.  His work, along with the work of several other artists, was exhibited in the gallery space that month.

Now, we’re excited to announce the world premiere of Tom’s play, White Noise, at the Fridge June 8-10.  Also at the Fridge will be Jiwar, an exhibition of his work. You can get more details from their website, but here’s a summation of the play we pulled from the announcement:

“White Noise follows an African-American painter whose work is based on spiritual themes, as he travels to Detroit for an art exhibit of his work.  At first calm, mature and erudite, Tim meets a seemingly normal cast of characters, who are volunteers with the church arts committee where Tim is to exhibit his paintings.

However, the increasingly bizarre and hostile interactions tweak at his interior demons.  Tim struggles with and then succumbs to his own fixations, as a scantily-clad Simone Weil, a historical figure that metastasizes as a figment of his own imagination, closes in on him.  Having abandoned true faith, Tim grasps for “faith in faith,” and in the end finds dubious understanding, alone in a bathroom.
Mark your calendars and enjoy!

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