Silver Spring Transit Center?

Having been away for a few weeks, I noticed that the sidewalk outside the Silver Spring metro station has been changed yet again.  I was super excited at first–this sidewalk looks permanent–it has patterned brick and there is landscaping just past the wire fence-as opposed to the quick concrete slabs that have been moved several times over since WPG moved in with PA.  It looked as if the walk from the metro to the gallery would soon be shorter–pedestrians could cut through the center instead of walking all the way around it.

There has been some trouble with the concrete, which you can read about in this WaPo article.  I was still hopeful.  Really, who plants trees on the top if you need to rip up all the concrete?

Now, I’m just confused.  According to the official website, 63% of the concrete on the middle and top levels is outside the allowable thickness, but they still say the center is 96% complete.  The completion date is still yet to be determined. That’s fine, really–I don’t think I’ll ever be using the top deck for parking.  All I want to know is, when can I shave those extra minutes (and Wayne Ave hill!) off of my commute?  Wish I had more positive news to share with both our metro-taking visitors, but it looks like we’ll have to hoof it a little longer.


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