Call for Entries: Press Room Mini Solos 2013

Anne McLaughlin’s mini solo, “Without Reservations”

Last year we hosted our first ever call for proposals for the Press Room, an old Vault that has been converted into exhibition space at WPG.  It’s name comes from the mini-press that now lives there that WPG members use for demos.  So far, we have had several WPG members host mini-solos in the space (pictures above and below).  We are excited to host several outside printmakers: Aaron Coleman, Dale Klein, and Carol MacDonald (more info on them in future posts) later this year from that 2011 call for entries.

Ed McCluney’s November 2011 mini solo “From the Vault”

Now we are inviting outside printmakers to apply for our 2013 season.  You can see full details, including pictures and a floorplan of the space here, but in general:  There is no fee to apply.  Deadline is October 24, 2012.  Decisions and notifications will be sent out by the end of the year.  We are looking for shows that deal with traditional (not digital) printmaking, papermaking, and book arts.  Group shows and solo exhibitions are considered.  Some ideas to get you going:  This is a great space for a group/solo thesis exhibition (we’re looking at you GMU and UMD printmakers!), small retrospectives from printmakers who haven’t had a show in a while, or somewhere to try your new experimental print-based media like large hanging prints or print-based installation work.

We look forward to seeing your applications!

“Fragments” by Eric COGu Robinson, our current press room mini-solo


8 responses to “Call for Entries: Press Room Mini Solos 2013

  1. Is this open to international artists?

  2. ok, thanks!

  3. Would you be able to apply with work that is photo-intaglio printmaking process?

  4. Where do I send my entry? emailed or mail? Is there any special requirements to the application? Stacy – Jax, FL

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