Intern Perspectives: Three Figurative Printmakers

“Kitchen Worker” by Lee Newman

Below are Laura D.’s thoughts on our July Exhibition:

This month at the Washington Printmakers Gallery, Three Figurative Printmakers features works from Jack Boul, Robert D’Arista, and Lee Newman in the “American University Style.” Needless to say, this exhibit carries its own style amongst three different artists compared to past exhibits with multiple artists. Boul, D’Arista and Newman’s work compliments each other well – as their work reflects aesthetic values that came from the Studio House school of painting at the Phillips Collection.

The style of works is based mostly around monotypes; little color is seen throughout the exhibit – giving it a certain glow of darkness. Boul’s work is the most abstract, with works like Four Cows where one must look to find said cows; while Newman’s gives the eye more shapes and images to play with. This includes Studio Nude –  this print shows the figure and minimum detail, but just enough for the eye to continue to dance across the piece. Finally, D’Arista is a combination between the two. D’Arista includes pieces that are more abstract like Still Life with Tusche where, without looking at the title the subject matter isn’t immediately clear. Is it an apple and a bucket? Or a branch on a platter? The viewer must decide (or look at the title). But then D’Arista has more self-explanatory pieces like Seated Woman – which gives you the shapes, outlines, and shadows, that are also seen in Newman’s works.

These Three Figurative Printmakers could not have a more complimentary style. While each is unique in their own creativity, their use of monotype and other materials brings the collection together in a number of pieces that make the eyes dance across pieces from the flow of lines and shadows.


2 responses to “Intern Perspectives: Three Figurative Printmakers

  1. Tom Stian Magnussen


    I came across an oilpainting in Norway, that I think is signed by Jack Boule. It was found in a shed, occupied by the germans during the end of the second war.
    Can you help me verify that it is Jack Boule, or do you know who can?

    • Hi Tom, can you send us an email with more info/a picture? info (at) washingtonprintmakers (dot) com