Summer workshops at Pyramid Atlantic

If you missed today’s Intro to Tabletop Letterpress, don’t worry!  Pyramid has another one on August 11.  In addition to these two classes, they also have a “Meet The Press” workshop:  Vandercook on July 26 and Tabletop on August 23.

In addition to their letterpress classes, Pyramid is also offering some other interesting workshops.  We’re fans of their Introduction to Screenprinting on Fabric, since everyone wants to know how to make their own T-shirts (or curtains or throw pillows or hand-towels!).   This workshop is Saturday, August 25.  The Introduction to Japanese Papermaking workshop on July 28 also looks interesting–so many of our printmakers use Japanese paper for its thin flexibility coupled with its strength.

This is just a sampling of the summer courses you can still sign up for.  Pyramid’s workshop website has courses through December up now if you’re the plan-ahead type (handmade holiday cards? Yes, please!)  Check it out and find a class for your creativity!


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