More fun art facts

Use these at any gatherings you may have this weekend to sound witty and clever and oh-so-cultured!

Centuries ago, the most common form of white paint was lead white.  It is possible that this caused (or exacerbated) many artists’ mental instabilities along with any strange afflictions, such as weak wrists, that defy explanation.

Certain pigments generate a lot of static electricity when disturbed (aka being poured into a vat of medium, such as an acrylic base or linseed oil) and can spontaneously combust during the paint- or ink-making process.

Andrew Wyeth, best known for his painting Christina’s World, is the second in three generations of artists.  His father, N.C. Wyeth, was an illustrator, and his son, Jamie, is a contemporary realist painter.

And our last one, which is a little bit brag-y but still pretty cool:  our exhibition Contemporary Impressions: American Printmakers in Shanghai in April of 2012 was the largest exhibition of American works to date in China!


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  1. I love bits of trivia like this. Thanks for sharing.