Line / Structure / Pattern: Carol MacDonald

“Transition 1” by Carol MacDonald

This November in the Press Room, Vermont artist Carol E.S. MacDonald will present her show: Line / Structure/ Pattern. This is a series of monoprints based on the process of knitting, where Carol works with ideas of construction, unraveling, tangles and reformation-all metaphors for our life process. Mutli-talented (as many printmakers are!) many of Carol’s images are derived from actual pieces she has knit.   She says of the work:

As a printmaker, I have been interested in the affect of working in a hands on, repetitive process. The repeating patterns, routines and structures of my work support my ability to lead a centered and grounded life. This same fascination has brought me into the world of knitting.
Carol grew up in Westchester, NY and moved to Vermont in the mid 70’s. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and studied printmaking at the Lake Placid School of Art. In 2009 she was an artist fellow at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. Her work is represented by Maison Kasini, Montreal; and has been recently exhibited at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT; Papier 12, Montreal; Vogue Knitting Live, New York City and Chicago.

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