Intern Perspectives: National Small Works

Intern Laura D.’s take on this year’s NSW Exhibition:

“Giraffe” by Judith Panetta.

At Washington Printmakers Gallery this month is the 15th Annual National Small Works. The works presented are small, just as the title of the exhibit suggests. The smallest is a piece by Judith Panetta that is entitled Giraffe that is enclosed in a makeup compact. While there are definitely larger pieces, this piece stands out the most for its size, as it really takes on the ‘small works’ title.

There are many types of print works that are among the gallery this month, everything from lithography and letter process, to dry point, to woodcut. You name it; it’s probably presented in at least one piece in the gallery.

“Untitled VI (after Antikythera Youth)” by Phiotos Paris Goudas

The one that stands out to me the most however, is entitled Untitled VI (after Antikythera Youth) by Photios Paris Goudas. A small screen print on paper, this piece uses bright, almost neon, colors to show what looks like a portrait of a person. The background is a mismatch of shades of black and deep greens that make the blues and pale green-yellow pop out against it. Amongst the other print works, this caught my attention because of said colors. While there are many detailed pieces surrounding Goudas’ work, it draws attention to itself with the color. A neighboring piece by Nicholas Dowgwillo entitled every little splintered bit of us is much quieter. A detailed piece that does not scream at you from across the room, even so, up close it speaks for itself and the title explains it all upon further inspection.

The 15th National Small Works is a huge success, and gives the viewers a sense of understanding for why so many of these artists do what they do – the nation is filled with many talented artists, and Washington Printmakers is excited to be able to show all of these works.


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