Intern Perspectives: Hannah Phelps

Intern Laura D.’s last post for the summer.   Good luck next semester, Laura!

The solo artist this month is Hannah Phelps with her exhibit entitled Plein Air to Print which includes works done in woodblock, woodcut, and a few oil paintings.

Phelps’ style is mostly colorful landscapes with minimum detail. The colors she uses, and the way she blocks them, gives the audience the sense of the landscape, without the intimate details of the sand or grass.

Out of her works, a piece entitled Surf and Rocks done in oil paints, portrays a darker day at the beach with the tide rolling into the rocky shore. While it may from afar blur into a wad of colors, up close, the detail of the brush strokes shows the foam on the surf and grim on the rocks. Phelps does an excellent job here, and in her other oil paintings, of portraying the landscape and making the viewer feel like they could be standing right there.

“Calm Day at Fort Stark” by Hannah Phelps

Her woodcut and woodblock work is much blockier – as the names would suggest. Calm Day at Fort Stark is a piece done in woodblock, where the blocked colors of blues, browns, and oranges show the intense difference between the water and the rocks. And unlike Phelps’ Surf and Rocks this piece is left to the imagination of the viewer to imagine the light ripples going through the water instead of the intense foam from the tide that is detailed in the oil painting.

Phelps brings a strong sense of style to this exhibit with a consistency that is perfect for a solo artist show here at Washington Printmakers Gallery.


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