Cianna Valley: In her own words

An introduction to the 2012 NSW Winner.  Cianna’s solo show will be here next August!


Grand Prize: “Not the Center of the Universe” by Cianna Valley (California), etching, aquatint, and spitbite.

I am a printmaker and mixed media artist based in Oakland, California. I moved here from Hawaii to pursue a degree in graphic design but quickly realized that wasn’t for me and ended up earning my BFA in printmaking from the California College of the Arts in 2011. Currently I am setting up a small print studio and trying to start up some collaborative projects involving other printmakers. My main focus is aquatint etching on zinc, but I’m also drawn to screen printing and monotype so I try to find ways to incorporate the various techniques into one cohesive aesthetic.

The winning print is actually titled “Not the Center of the Universe or the Gateway to the Cosmos” but I had to shorten it for this show because the entry form wouldn’t allow such long titles. It is part of a larger body of work which includes small mixed-media sculptures, large print-based installations as well as several other etchings. The work is based on the idea of being able to capture images from the past while taking into account how the accuracy of the image is affected by the passage of time. Unlike photographs, which capture a scene at the exact moment it occurs, prints allow fact to blend with fabrication. Childhood memories can be viewed through an adult lens of understanding while people and places of the past and present overlap. Themes of value, loss and ceremony mingle with those of chance, magic and celebration creating a kind of grounded fantasy world that is anything but utopia.


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  1. Thanks for your insight Cianna. I agree with you about the differences between printmaking and photography. Best of luck to you.