Next Month in the Press Room: Both Sides of the Brain

Image Credit: Aaron Coleman

Artist and printmaker Aaron S. Coleman is a graduate student at Northern Illinois University.  Within the last year he has been coordinating a group of internationally known printmakers and artists in an effort to spread knowledge and appreciation for the mezzotint medium.  Aaron has been working with the mezzotint technique for 2 years now.  As a self-taught mezzotint artist (you can see more about his process here), in a field where few practice the technique, Aaron wanted to reach out to other printmakers working within the medium.  The portfolio on exhibit next month at WPG hosts 17 internationally established artists including Michael Barnes, Julie Niskanen, Linda Whitney and Kouki Tsuritani to name a few.

The artists in the portfolio were selected by Aaron to represent a wide range of influence, style and conceptual direction.  The prints in the portfolio display artists working in the realms of abstract, hyper-realistic, conceptual, illustrative and contemporary art.  Both Sides of the Brain is a themed portfolio that explores ideas of duality.

Each of the 17 artists created an original edition of 19 prints to contribute to the portfolio.  The two extra portfolios will be donated to the printmaking archives of Northern Illinois University where Aaron is finishing his Masters of Fine Art degree and Herron School of Art where he received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree.  The exhibition schedule jumps off in Indianapolis at Herron in August of 2012.  From there, the portfolio will be shown at Northern in September and the Washington Printmakers Gallery in Silver Spring Maryland in October.  There are two exhibitions in 2013 at the University of Missouri and Lamar D. Fain College of Fine Arts in Texas.  This is sure to be an amazing exhibition for all mezzotint, printmaking and art enthusiasts.


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