WPG as a resource

If you haven’t read our mission statement, WPG is dedicated to educating the public about the history and future of the original print.  Of course our main focus is exhibitions, but did you know there’s other ways for you to learn about printmaking at WPG?

For example, we have mini-matrices that are available for hands-on learning.  A “matrix” is the thing that makes the print, such as a woodblock , copper plate, or silkscreen.  All of these are available upon request for class groups or the curious visitor.

Also for class groups, we can set-up “print bingo” based on the current shows, with a little advanced notice.  This can be something simple, for grade-schools learning basic art terms such as form or line, or more complex, such as identifying specific intaglio techniques for print interest groups or college students.

Finally, have something in your collection you want help identifying or preserving?  Call ahead and bring it in.  If we can’t help you figure out what it is or who it’s by, we can at least point you in the right direction for more guidance.


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  1. Muffie Houstoun

    If this info is not on your Web site–or not prominently noted as available on it, I suggest it be added.