NSW 2012 Artist News

“Winter Canyon” by Scott Barnes

We were happy to receive to notifications from two artists that were included in National Small Works about their ongoing projects, which we wanted to share here.

First, you may remember our post about Funding for Artists, and we mentioned Scott Barnes’ Kickstarter project, which was used to fund the creation of his Grand Canyon Suite.  We’re happy to report that Scott received full funding (and more!) for that project.


Graphic Chemicals Purchase Award: “Turf” by Curtis Bartone, two-plate aluminum lithograph

Second, we just received an invitation to Curtis Bartone’s ongoing exhibition “Reclamation: Etchings and Lithographs” at the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (Calgary, Alberta).  This exhibition is comprised of 18 etchings and lithographs that place some of nature’s “undesirables” (such as the grub in “Turf,” in or on “desireable” human landscapes (such as the suburban neighborhood in “Turf.”  If you’re in the area this weekend, the opening reception for this show is TONIGHT at 5:30 pm, and Curtis will give an artist demonstration TOMORROW at 1 pm.  If you’re going to be in the Alberta area sometime in the next few weeks, the exhibition will be on view through October 13.


4 responses to “NSW 2012 Artist News

  1. Gwendolyn B. DiCroce

    For Curtis from his “neighbor” in Savannah, GA

    What fun & excitement for me to see your work on the Washington Printmakers site! Most of my life, I have called Fairfax County home. And, all of my art teaching career was in Prince William County.

    So, I am trilled that y’all up there can see what a talent Curtis has up close & personal!

    Gwen Blackwell DiCroce

  2. Thanks for the mention guys. Love the work you are doing. I have included this blog address and Washington Printmakers in my list of resources for the class I’m teaching up here at Fairleigh Dickinson University (hoping some of these student continue printmaking after they graduate)

  3. Thank you for the write-up! Keep up the great work.