Excellence in Printmaking UPDATE

A few weeks ago we mentioned that 2013 will be the first year Excellence in Printmaking goes national.  Meaning, this exhibition is now open to MFA and BFA candidates focusing on printmaking anywhere in the continental United States, instead of just the greater mid-Atlantic.  We’re so excited to open this exhibition up to more deserving artists, but with that wider scope comes larger costs.  Just to get the word out about the call for entries will cost about $500 (if we don’t spread the word, who will apply???)  Costs add up from there.

Traditionally, these costs are funded by entry fees.   But, if there’s one entity that faces harder financial times than a fine art organization, it’s a fine art student!  We’d love to be able to have them enter for free, and that’s where you come in.  Donate to our Excellence in Printmaking Goes National project on Go Get Funding to help us out!  If we reach our funding goal, we’ll refund any entry fees we’ve received so far and lower any further entrant’s fees to $0!!!  There’s some pretty sweet thank you gifts, too.  Check it out and donate today!


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