Yard Sale for a Good Cause

In just over a week, on Saturday, October 13, Pyramid Atlantic will be hosting an up-scale yard sale.  They are still accepting donations in the categories of:

  • Antiques – Furniture, mechanical devices in working condition
  • Books – Old and rare only. No modern hardbacks
  • China/ceramics/porcelain – Higher-end sets preferred
  • Collectibles – Almost anything in the world of collectibles
  • Curiosities – Anything odd or unusual
  • Glass – Fenton, Brilliant cut, decorative, Depression, etched
  • Historical memorabilia – Autographs, photos,
  • Home Décor – If it look good in someone else’s home, bring it
  • Household items – basic stuff everyone needs
  • Hollywood – Autographs, photos, memorabilia
  • Jewelry – From the very best to costume jewelry
  • Lamps – Tiffany-style, banquet lamps, floor or desk lamps
  • Militaria – Civil War stuff is very hot
  • Pottery – Hardest thing to value – be ready to tell us about it
  • Records – Old and in excellent condition. Nothing after 1970
  • Native American – Anything authentic
  • Silver – Sterling silver souvenir spoons, and flatware
  • Sports memorabilia – autographs & cards (pre-1970 only)
  • Tools – Power and non-power tools
  • Vintage toys – From the 80s, 70s, 60s and earlier
  • Used furniture – Chest of drawers, coffee tables, end tables, repurposed/refinished pieces, dining sets, book shelves, chairs
  • Western – Anything western

Last year they raised $3,000–with your help donating quality items, and, even better, buying new-to-you treasures–they are looking to raise $4,000!

If you can’t make it by during that time, you can still support the arts by donating to our Go Get Funding Project raising money for next year’s Excellence in Printmaking exhibition.  We’re already at 10% of our goal.  You can help us reach it with donations as little as $1.


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