New shows added!

We’re so excited because we just published our December and January shows to the upcoming exhibitions page of our website!

Trudi working on “The Exposure of Luxury,” image courtesy of Scott Ponemone.

In December, we’ll have Beneath the Old Masters: Evolution and Process by Trudi Y. Ludwig.  The show-stopper of this, well, show, is The Exposure of Luxury (based off of Agnolo Bronzino’s 16th century Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time), the second life-size woodcut of stripped down–literally stripped down to their bones–classical paintings she has completed, the first being Primas Veritas from almost a decade ago.  Want to know more? Scott Ponemone did a great interview with her here.

“Carlos” by Dale Klein

Also in December, we’ll have Dale Klein of Rochester, NY in the Press Room with her thought-provoking mini-solo, Ba beneen: Senegal 2012. Inspired by the time her daughter spent in Senegal during her junior year of college, Dale took a trip there herself in June of 2012. In the prints exhibited here, she seeks to record the precariousness of Senegal’s fragile democracy, the gentleness of the Senegalese people, and the challenges they face due to government corruption and unequal access to education.

Finally, January marks the 10th anniversary of the January Invitational series.  Starting with Jack Boul, we’ve featured some wonderful artists and artist-groups including the New York Society of Etchers, Simon Brett, Helen Frederick, Renee Stout, and Lou Stovall.  This year, we are pleased to present Professors of Print, featuring seven area printmakers: John Carr (Montgomery College), Georgia Deal (Corcoran College of Art and Design), Donald Depuydt (Northern Virginia Community College), Elizabeth Klimek (Corcoran College of Art and Design), Kay McCrohan (Montgomery College), Dennis O’Neil (Corcoran College of Art and Design), and Justin Strom (University of Maryland).

Mark you calendars and we hope to see you this winter at WPG!

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