At Dadian Gallery: BLACK.WHITE.REaD

“Reflections/Refractions” by Rosemary Cooley

Curator (and current WPG artist member) Trudi Y. Ludwig, along with guest curator (and former WPG member) Cis Rossey are hard at work at Dadian Gallery at Wesley Theological Seminary.  BLACK.WHITE.REaD started with a simple appreciation of graphic arts, which became a conduit for expression during and in response to life’s crises.  Just as there is no black and white in life, Cis says of the art-making process (and this exhibition):

There is no BLACK. Extending pigments turns tar-based blacks to blue, bone-based black to brown. Choosing WHITE can be an impossible task when pitted against hundreds of choices. RED pigment demands attention, whereas “Read” is abstract. Our eyes perceive and absorb what we choose to comprehend.

This exhibition runs through December 15.  The opening reception is November 13, 12:00-1:30, and, the next day, Guest Artist Cyndi Wish will demonstrate mixed media monoprinting, followed by an Open Forum Discussion led by Guest Curator Cecilia Rossey, “Mixed Media Artists: Content, Technique, Media.”  More details on the exhibition, as well as an image gallery, can be found at the link above.


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