Mentor/Mentee at Brentwood NOW

Mentor/Mentee II is now on view at Brentwood Arts Exchange!  This show features the work of the following printmakers and those they have taught/those that have taught them:

"Ask" by Rachel-Ray Cleveland

“Ask” by Rachel-Ray Cleveland

Lila Asher – Bill Harris
Yolanda Frederikse -Betty MacDonald
Jenny Freestone – Scip Barnhart
Pauline Jakobsberg – Rachel-Ray Cleveland
Trudi Y. Ludwig – Raj Bunnag
Anne McLaughlin – Lexi Lopez
Marian Osher – Joyce Jewell
Terry Svat – Elbieta Sikorska
Max-Karl Winkler – Naul Ojeda
Clare Winslow – Carolyn Hartmann

The opening reception is this Friday, 6-9 pm.  We’ll be closing WPG a little bit early that night, so head on over to Brentwood to see many of the artists there!


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