Excellence in Printmaking 2013 FAQ

Are you applying to Excellence in Printmaking this year?  The entries are rolling in, so we’d thought we’d share a few of the questions (and answers) we’ve heard from this year’s entrants.  Perhaps your question is answered here, too!

I am a student in an MFA/BFA program, but am over 24 years old. Am I eligible? – Unfortunately not this year.  When we first started this exhibition up, we received several entries from continuing ed students.  We’re all about people continuing to pursue, or even beginning to pursue, their passion in printmaking later in life in a non-degree-seeking manner, but that’s not what this competition is about.  An age limit seemed to be the best way to cut out these sort of entries.  However, due to the number of questions we have received upon this subject, the exhibition committee will revisit the age limit when setting up next year’s exhibition and discuss raising it.

I am a printmaking student, but not in an MFA/BFA program, can I still apply? – There are many organizations that offer printmaking, such as Pyramid Atlantic Art Center or the Torpedo Factory, locally.  However, as you can see from the question above, we really want this exhibition to be about the young, emerging artists who are so dedicated to printmaking that they are pursuing it as a concentration in a collegiate setting.  Long story short, if you’re not in an MFA/BFA/BA program, this call for entries is not for you.  We do encourage you to apply to our annual National Small Works exhibition, which is open to printmakers across the nation.

I will graduate in December, can I still apply to the 2013 show? – In a word, Yes!

My work is large/unusually shaped-should I submit it? – Definitely!  As long as it falls into the category of hand-pulled printmaking, the structure can stretch beyond the usual paper.  Last year we had several 3-Dimensional print objects as well as large, printed wall-hangings.  Just be sure  to take a really good picture of it and provide an adequate description – the juror is going off of one picture here, no exceptions.

Finally, some tips on going through the application process:

  • Your profile picture (selected when you set up the account) does NOT count towards your images submitted.
  • You must “Pay” for your images first – the balance will be $0.00 if you chose the first 5 free (after that they’re $5 per image). After “paying,” please click on the link titled “Return to your Account Page to Submit your Images.”
  • Submit your images as JPG, TIF, or PNG files not greater than 2MB. The longest side should be 1,280 pixels or greater.
  • The file name of your image will appear with a green dot next to it when it has uploaded to the submission screen.
  • After clicking “submit image,” a thumbnail of the image will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This is how you know your image has been uploaded for jurying.
  • You can return to the main account screen at any time by clicking the “Return to Account Page” button. You may edit or add images up until the submission deadline.

Good luck everyone!