Next Month: Sofia Caligiuri in the Press Room

"Minimi Rilievi, Tracce Marine 2" by Sofia Caligiuri

“Minimi Rilievi, Tracce Marine 2” by Sofia Caligiuri

We are pleased to announce the kick-off of our 2013 Press Room Mini Solos in January!  Just yesterday we added Sofia Caligiuri’s exhibition, Rilievi, to our website. Ms. Caligiuri will exhibit a collection of three-dimensional paper pieces that explore the rustic marine wilderness of her childhood home of Calabria (in southern Italy, on top of the foot of the “boot”). Some of the works focus on the natural elements of a pristine shore-line, such as shells, while others remind the viewer of the sometimes detrimental human influences upon the coast. All the works, Caligiuri tells us, are a reminder that “the impermanence of all phenomena underlies the search for the meaning of life.”

These paper structures are remarkably lightweight for their volume and size and look great in a deep frame or simply on the wall.  We will have other frame-less artwork in the January membership exhibition, as well.  Is frameless the new trend for works on paper??? We’ll see.


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