Why I Love Prints II

WPG Director Annie Newman wanted to share why she, as an arts administrator, loves prints:

"Two Things" by Ellen Verdon Winkler

“Two Things” by Ellen Verdon Winkler

There is something very gratifying in being able to share an original work of art with multiple owners.  One could argue that this can be achieved by buying into a larger work of art (think Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull), but a much more tangible way of doing this is through prints.  I love being able to see ten different buyers feel strongly enough about the same image to bring it into their homes, meaning that many more people get to see and appreciate it.

Also, printmakers are such a wonderful group of artists.  Since many forms of printmaking are so technical, and require such specialized equipment, printmakers are generally social and sharing people–they have to be, if they want to learn the proper way to print a solarplate or have access to someone else’s press.  Working with a gallery full of printmakers means working with an enthusiastic and problem-solving-oriented group of individuals.  Nine times out of ten, you can bet a printmaker would be thrilled to hear from a buyer and tell them more about the time and techniques that went into the print you’re purchasing.  Pick something up from WPG and find out for yourself!


One response to “Why I Love Prints II

  1. Hi Annie, You’re so right! I think the sharing aspect of printmaking is a big draw for me too. Printmaking is very community oriented. Not only do printmakers share information in the studio on techniques and ideas, the final print edition is then shared amongst multiple collectors. As a printmaker and a collector of prints, I couldn’t agree more!