Why I Love Prints III

From WPG member artist Heather McMordie:

"Inner Landscape" by Heather McMordie

“Inner Landscape” by Heather McMordie

The back of my studio door is covered with a large sheet of brown craft paper dotted with “To Do” lists on post-it-notes, scribbled ideas, and print-outs of work I find inspiring. Pasted into the very center of this brain-storming board is a list of the things I enjoy about printmaking. During a period of frustrating printmaking endeavors three years ago, I wrote down a handful of simple aspects of the process that I enjoy—the quite rhythm in intaglio wiping a plate, the painterly challenge of mixing a colors with a limited palette, and the satisfaction of holding the actual printed object itself—to serve as a reminder of why I bother making prints. Over time, my list has grown to include, among other things, the moment of surprise when the print is pulled off the press, the physical exhaustion after a day of graining litho stones, the sound of a well-rolled slab of ink, the leathery texture of worn collograph plates, and the infinite visual possibilities within two or three plates and a couple cans of ink. When I see a print, or hold it and feel the texture of ink on top of paper, I am reminded of all these small, yet satisfying moments in the process of printmaking.


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