Why I Love Prints V

"Arabesque" by Matina Marki Tillman

“Arabesque” by Matina Marki Tillman

Matina Marki Tillman shares why she loves printmaking:

Surely, there are plenty of printmaking elements that I have grown to realize and value in my seven years of dealing with hand-pulled prints. I’ll mention the two main ones. First, their undoubtable “democratic” nature (since they are available to more than one art collector / lover). Secondly, the varied editions that allow me to discover a new original every time that I pull a print from the press.

Through variation in printmaking, I have the joy to explore my subject; to comprehend it better as I progress the edition. Variation can include subtle changes of ink and paper, or others like hand coloring, mixing multiple techniques, or doing anything else imaginative. Coming from the world of drawing, I’m finding this experimentation liberating, since it gives me the chance, when I need or want, to go further than the definite and lonely uniqueness of a sole drawing.


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