While doing research on available grants, we came across so many residencies!  So many that we think no artist who wants to do a residency shouldn’t be able to do one. (Did we get all the negatives right in that sentence?  Anyway, you get our drift.)  There are residencies for printmakers, for sculptors, for dancers and choreographers, for writers, for LGBT artists, for disabled artists, for artists specializing in access for disabled citizens, residencies in France, Germany, and of course, state-specific residencies for artists of each state.  We were working from a book (the Foundation Center’s internet was down), so haven’t visited each of these websites, but we bet if you just copy and paste them into a search engine you’d find them pretty quickly.  Here’s a few to check out, in no particular order:

  • Weir Farm Trust
  • Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Creative Fellowships
  • Anderson Cetner for Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
  • Women’s Studio Workshop
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
  • Djerassi Arts Program
  • Montalvo Arts Program
  • Regdale Program
  • Terra Foundation for American Art
  • Evergreen House Foundation
  • Camargo Foundation
  • A Room of Her Own
  • Baltimore Clayworks
  • Corporation of Yaddo
  • Pyramid Atlantic Artist in Residency Program

And, if you can’t find what you want there, check out the Foundation Center or New York Foundation for the Arts’ Source program (definitely NOT just for NY artists!) and we’re sure you’ll find just the residency you want. Happy hunting!


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