Cool stuff going on at Wesley Seminary

"The Exposure of Luxury" - several prints along with the plate itself (second from Left) by Trudi Y. Ludwig

“The Exposure of Luxury” – several prints along with the plate itself (second from Left) by Trudi Y. Ludwig

We love the Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion at Wesley Theological Seminary in NW DC.  WPG artist Trudi Y. Ludwig completed the carving for her (life-size!) print The Exposure of Luxury while a resident there last year, and we’re excited to see WPG members Margaret Adams Parker and Ellen Verdon Winkler as the printmaking residents there in upcoming semesters.

Beyond that, they sent us an email choc-full of wonderful opportunities we’d like to pass on.  First, a fascinating-sounding lecture by Dr. Patrick Madigan entitled “Expressive Individualism, the Cult of the Artist as Genius, and Milton’s Lucifer,” which discusses the character in question as well as the West’s obsession with “Expressive Individualism” will take place on Thursday, April 25, from 12-3 pm.

While there, check out Dadian Gallery for the current exhibition Rites and Remedies by Paul Rooda.  Using found objects and discarded Bibles, Rooda comments upon the intersection of faith and medicine.  This exhibition will be up through May 24.

Finally, if you are an artist, The Luce Center is looking for artist residents.  This generous residency carries the potential for on-campus housing and a work stipend, in addition to one free Wesley class per semester.  Hurry the deadline for applications is May 15!  The application can be viewed/downloaded here.


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