In Memoriam: Nuong Van-Dinh Tran

"Floating" by Nuong Van-Dinh Tran

“Floating” by Nuong Van-Dinh Tran

We are sad to announce the passing of one of WPG’s founding members, Nuong Van-Dinh Tran, this past Sunday.  Nuong was part of the original group of printmakers that moved into WPG’s first location on Jefferson Street (just south of Dupont Circle) in 1985.  She continued to support the gallery through three subsequent moves, including the latest move to Pyramid Atlantic.

Nuong trained as a painter and printmaker at the Corcoran, and then received her MFA from George Washington University.  The influence of her Vietnamese culture can be seen in her prints, as she consciously brought feeling and emotion to many of her landscape works using traditional visual short-hand, regardless of whether the subject was Vietnamese or American in nature.  Her work is in the collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the National Museum of American Art, The Smithsonian Institution, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and the Library of Congress Fine Prints Collection, to name a few.

"Lin Lin's Autumnal Dream" by Nuong Van-Dinh Tran

“Lin Lin’s Autumnal Dream” by Nuong Van-Dinh Tran

The wife of professor, diplomat, and author Dr. Tran Van Dinh, Nuong was also an activist dedicated to the promotion of visual arts, environmental stewardship, and understanding between cultures.  She voiced strong opinions, but also listened graciously to everyone, and was always quick to smile.  Always a strong supporter of her fellow printmakers, she showed up to every possible opening, and, if she missed one, made sure to come and see the show at another time.  Her dedication to the gallery, unstinting generosity, and stead-fast friendship will be missed by all.


One response to “In Memoriam: Nuong Van-Dinh Tran

  1. It was overwhelmingly sad to learn that Nuong died. When I first arrived at WPG, Nuong took me under her wing and was my mentor for many years. She was an amazing woman and a wonderful, active, insightful, brilliant, positive and engaged Artist, gallery member (and leader) and human being. No on is replaceable, but the chasm she leaves is both broad and wide. All who knew her will carry a little bit of her with them to the end of their days. She was loved and is much missed.
    Peace, Gabriel Jules