Matina Marki Tillman on Distant Voices

"Rehearsal" by Matina Marki Tillman

“Rehearsal” by Matina Marki Tillman

The main body of my work included in the Distant Voices show comes from my new series, “objects and subjects.”  This is an ongoing study of people (subjects) that with no holding back, empower objects to define them.  The objects are ordinary, but in order to transform the spirit and even the physical appearance of the subjects, they acquire perhaps other qualities (as in Rehearsal, the mirror that channels effort and concentration to an actual performance).

The objects and subjects co-exist and interact like either intense, or subdued, performers on a stage-like space solely created by them.  The technique used in most of these pieces was charcoal drawing on vellum directly etched onto solarplates.  It felt to me that the theatrical lighting of everyday scenes that I was after was best achieved this way.  Self-portraits have been employed, but as a tool and not for self-examination.  The intention is not to portray specific people, rather, to bring some light to the often unremarkable relationships between people and things.

Included in the show is my first effort to etch a charcoal drawing onto a solarplate, Arabesque, as well as the forerunner of “objects and subjects,” Posing with Property (solarplate etching from drawing with wet and dry aquarelle pencil on vellum).


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