Gabriel Jules on Distant Voices

Last week we posted an update by Matina Marki Tillman on her work to be included in next month’s Distant Voices exhibition.  Here, distant member Gabriel Jules shares some of her thoughts:

"Fallen Tree" by Gabriel Jules

“Fallen Tree” by Gabriel Jules

Looking at my work recently I’ve come to the realization that I am totally schizophrenic.  Nothing I do is organized into useful categories, though some general themes seem to dominate the visual dialogue.  The ways in which I choose to present them, however, appear to remain arbitrary and capricious.  I realize that many artists make stylistic shifts during their lifetimes but they generally do so one incarnation at a time.  I, on the other hand, am captivated by different things on a daily basis and appear to be distracted enough to want to translate them all into images of one kind or another.  Many are prints.  Many are not.  The natural universe is a high card draw, but I’ve been creating abstract images as well lately that tend to reflect my feelings toward our universe in different ways.  All of what I do is motivated by some galvanizing vision of something that intrigues me. Once I open my eyes in the morning I am bombarded with possibilities that shriek, “Look at me, capture me, tell my story. Once I create an image I often “play” with it.  I will introduce color, collage, a slightly different incarnation.  At times I will cut things up and rearrange their structures as I’d imagine a mad scientist or a deity might do.  Fortunately, not many of these actually see the light of day.


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