Distant Voices: Kiyomi Baird

You may remember meeting Kiyomi as the winner of the 2010 National Small Works exhibition.  She joined WPG as a distant member after her 2011 solo exhibition, and we’re so excited to see a body of her work together again next month as part of the Distant Voices exhibition!  Read on to learn more about her work in the show:

"Silver Moon" by Kiyomi Baird

“Silver Moon” by Kiyomi Baird

About my work on paper…

Textures inspire me.  I started out painting in oils creating textures with sand and gesso. Time spent in Tokyo introduced me to handmade paper and the “nihonga” technique (use of pigment and glue on mulberry paper mounted on a cradled board).  This exposure challenged me to create texture via patterns on a flat surface.  Upon my return to America, traditional printmaking techniques fused eastern and western methodology satisfying my cultural duality.  For the past 2 years  I have been concentrating on monotypes on Japanese paper.

About by work…

I do not create objects I can see.  Instead, my inspiration comes from the vibrations of  sensations and interactions with my environment and especially people.  I focus on space and forms that allow me to explore movements in the cosmos and in the human spirit.  Both these dimensions…physical and spiritual…enable a transformation towards a universal balance and spiritual harmony.  I want my work to serve as portals to the ever expanding universe and as sanctuaries of the soul for experiencing the oneness of both.


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