Distant Voices: Carole Nelson

WATERThe four prints by Carole Nelson will display in the Distant Members show here in July are the beginning of both a series and a sequence. They explore the genesis of the earth, moving gently in and out of the realm of legend and touching lightly on points of experience before moving on. It is intended that the series continue with new prints expanding the sequence over the next two years.

Continuing her exploration of hand-pressed and hand pulled woodcut prints using oil-based ink and soft absorbent papers, with colors mixed for each individual piece, the series exhibits the unique painterly qualities typical of her work. The soft gentle blues of the first print ,“Water,” begin to roil as “Life” expands in print two. Suddenly the size of the print grows larger and the colors and shapes become sharper as “ Rock and Stone” rise from the waters in print three. And the dramatic color change and sense of space in print four announce the “Greening” of the earth. Prints currently in development for this series, including “Bark and Bone” will be shown individually later in the year in the monthly Member shows.

Come in between July 3 and 28 (closed July 4) to see Distant Voices.  Opening reception is Saturday, July 6 ,1-4 pm and our Second Thursday reception is Thursday, July 12, 5-8 pm.


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