Heather McMordie on Distant Voices

Distant Voices is on view now, come see work by Heather and the other Distant Members this month!

"Not Made for Eachother I" by Heather McMordie

“Not Made for Eachother I” by Heather McMordie

Nature—specifically the intersections of rock, plant, and soil—is the driving source of imagery behind my work. There is a resilience to the natural world, an ability to adapt even in the harshest conditions, while still maintaining integrity. Trees drop branches to replenish nutrient-deprived soils; root systems foster micro-organisms to break soil into usable parts; water slowly rolls over stone to carry fragment downstream to fruitful deposits of sediment. The inorganic, the organic, and the zone where the two intermingle—all three are inextricably dependent in a delicate balance, an balance that prevails despite drastic threats to its order.

The idea of resilience and order in the midst of opposing forces is explored in two of my most recent bodies of work, the Experiment series and the Not Made For Each Other series. In Experiment, collographic and lithographic mediums are utilized in the same print. The resulting image creates a physical tension in the actual paper, the collograph plate embossing while the heavy litho compresses the paper. In Not Made For Each Other, woodblocks carved with independently derived imagery are printed on top of one another to create one image out of two. The blocks themselves are not made for use together, but with careful color selection and deliberate compositional choices, a cohesive images emerges.

The prints featured in Distant Voices reflect the incomprehensibility of the pairings one finds in nature. They challenge the preconceived notions of what colors, shapes, and textures should or should not “work together”, and demonstrate the ability of an object to adapt in relation to another object.


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