Kiki DC showcases wearable art

Harajukushoes225On June 9, an unconventional event took place at the Fillmore featuring music, food, drink and some great entertainment. In support of the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, many joined together to create a great fashion show combining the values of both art and fashion. New initiatives and aesthetics were explored with unexpected materials and interesting perspectives.

For the Juried show, many local artists as well as students from the Maryland Institute College of Art participated in pursuit of the idea of wearable art. The line featured some beautiful designs made from unusual materials, as one dress was made from about 5,000 coffee filters. Other clothing consisted of materials such as paper, crushed glass and bottle caps. These unconventional materials gave the designs great textures and the audience an unexpected surprise. It was both fresh and modern. The commitment and time the artists gave to their work also wowed the judges, who included previous stars from Project Runway. At the end of the show both a Juror’s choice and People’s choice was awarded.

Beyond entertainment, the great thing about this event is that it provided a great chance for art lovers to not only enjoy but also communicate. The audiences are free to meet the designers and judges, and also are free to bid for the dresses. The silent auction also offered some insight and opportunity to obtain some of the two dimensional art works from Pyramid Atlantic as well as from the Washington Printmakers Gallery. It’s wonderful to see so many art works appreciated outside of the conventional white-wall gallery setting. All and all, KiKi DC successfully brought together a community of fashion lovers, artists and designers for a fantastic and energetic night. Without a doubt, it’s an event no one should miss!


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