Artist Update: Max-Karl Winkler and Matina Marki Tillman

Artist members Max-Karl Winkler and Matina Marki Tillman recently participated in the 2013 “Real People” exhibition sponsored by the Northwest Area Arts Council near Chicago, Illinois. This exhibition, dedicated to the human figure and portraiture, was on display through the months of August and September in the historic Old Courthouse Gallery in Woodstock, Illinois.

Old Courthouse Gallery in Woodstock, Illinois

Old Courthouse Gallery in Woodstock, Illinois

"The Model Takes a Break" by Max-Karl Winkler

“The Model Takes a Break” by Max-Karl Winkler

Woodstock is host to many musical events and art exhibitions. It also is known as the setting for the 1993 classic comedy “Groundhog Day,” that was largely shot in the town center, and was the home and inspiration for Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy comic strips of the 1940s and 50s. The gallery resides in a late 1800s building originally used as a courthouse, and contains much of its original fixtures and furnishings.

The “Real People” exhibition featured a woodcut from Max’s recent series “The Model Takes a Break,” prints that target the mood and form of models just after they have finished posing. These prints capture intimate moments as the models begin to relax and collect themselves after the modeling sessions.

"Arabesque" by Matina Marki Tillman

“Arabesque” by Matina Marki Tillman

Also included was an etching titled “Arabesque,” from Matina’s new series of charcoal drawings etched onto solarplates. These prints are created from charcoal drawings on vellum directly etched onto solarplates and printed in a manner that captures the rich textures and moods of the charcoal.

Both of these artists exhibit their work nationally in multiple venues, with a strong human figure focus in much of their work. Most recently, both exhibited along with other WPG members at the Museum of Printing History in Houston.


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