Artist Update: Matina Marki Tillman

"Depicta" by Matina Marki Tillman

“Depicta” by Matina Marki Tillman

Two examples of solarplate etchings from WPG member artist Matina Marki Tillman are presented and briefly described below. “Depicta” from a charcoal drawing on vellum, and “Scripta” from a pencil drawing.

“Depicta” (Latin for “portrayed”), and “Scripta” (“written”), are Matina Marki Tillman’s etchings that focus on both of these aspects of real or imagined graffiti. Tillman uses the form of “angels” (translating from the ancient Greek word “messengers”) to recount lost messages in anonymous urban environments, everyday silent figures ignored by indifferent surroundings, and the witnessing of sensitive viewers.

"Scripta" by Matina Marki Tillman

“Scripta” by Matina Marki Tillman

“Depicta” is one of Matina Marki Tillman’s new prints in the gallery, and a hand-colored version of “Scripta” may be viewed on her artist page on the gallery website.

View more of Matina Marki Tillman’s artwork via her artist portfolio page >


One response to “Artist Update: Matina Marki Tillman

  1. Wonderful work. I was really touched by “Scripta”. Silent figures with no sense of hope on their faces and people passing by avoiding looking at them.