Intern Perspectives: New Life by Nina Muys

Jennifer Block, our intern from the University of Maryland, wrote the following reaction to our current exhibition, New Life by Nina Muys. This show will run through Sunday, March 30 at WPG.

"Lenten Rose" by Nina Muys

“Lenten Rose” by Nina Muys

Nina Muys’ exhibition at the gallery is a breathtakingly beautiful collection of prints of various techniques. Her unique style is so soft and picturesque, that they seem as though they are pastel drawings rather than prints. When I first took a look around Nina’s exhibit, the overall feeling her work invokes is serene and calming. The exhibit lifted my mood immediately as I entered the gallery due to the bright palette and subject matter of various flowers and plant life. Muys uses her unique style and technique to create a very cohesive exhibit of work. Each piece sticks to a clear theme of nature and landscape and her technique is consistent throughout.

"Ain't Gonna Fish No More" by Nina Muys

“Ain’t Gonna Fish No More” by Nina Muys

The monoprint titled Lenten Rose really caught my eye as soon as I began walking around the exhibit. The way that she separated the blossoms from the roots create a stronger visual effect for the print. It is interesting how different the styles are in the top and bottom, making the top very soft and the bottom dark and painterly. I also really enjoyed the two pieces Ain’t Gonna Fish No More in both daytime and nighttime versions. They have a completely different effect on the viewer just from the different coloring of the print.


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