Nina Muys on her March 16 artist demonstration

Whenever I have an art show, the attendees always ask me about my work. “Is it a watercolor? Is it a pastel?” To which I have to give a long explanation how I exactly produce a print. It is a complicated process that involves carborundum, acrylic paint and gesso. Since I am by profession an arts educator, I find it best to walk people through my process by showing them step-by-step on how the plate is done and how I apply the ink.

"New Life" by Nina Muys

“New Life” by Nina Muys

On Sunday, March 16, from 3-5pm, at Washington Printmakers Gallery, I will demonstrate two methods: carborundum intaglio and monoprints. Both methods use one plate and three colors.

If children are in attendance, I will have them create a Styrofoam print. Children love printmaking because it gives them an element of surprise that they don’t get in a painting. The exhibit in the adjacent gallery of my students’ prints exemplifies their love of this medium.

Seats are limited so please contact the Washington Printmakers Gallery to reserve a spot: or 301-273-3660.


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