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Spotlight on Open Studio DC

Last week we shared some Pyramid Atlantic workshops, which we love, but realize it may not be convenient for everyone to make it up to Silver Spring for classes.  Well, city-dwellers, today is your day!  Open Studio DC is offering several courses in screenprinting!

Open Studio DC is located at 1348 Florida Ave, NE (H St Corridor).  Founded by Corcoran Professor Carolyn Hartmann, OSDC provides the space and supplies – from high quality inks to a huge exposure unit-that artists need to complete their screenprinting projects.  Artists can rent the space in hourly up to yearly chunks.

Now, they are also offering classes.  There are several workshops set up in August and September.  We suggest starting with an Introduction to Screenprinting workshop in August and then trying their brand new Intermediate Workshop -4 color separation.  4 color separation, or CMYK printing, is used to re-create color photographs, very similarly to how pictures in the newspaper are printed.  Check out their website for this and more workshop opportunities.

Summer workshops at Pyramid Atlantic

If you missed today’s Intro to Tabletop Letterpress, don’t worry!  Pyramid has another one on August 11.  In addition to these two classes, they also have a “Meet The Press” workshop:  Vandercook on July 26 and Tabletop on August 23.

In addition to their letterpress classes, Pyramid is also offering some other interesting workshops.  We’re fans of their Introduction to Screenprinting on Fabric, since everyone wants to know how to make their own T-shirts (or curtains or throw pillows or hand-towels!).   This workshop is Saturday, August 25.  The Introduction to Japanese Papermaking workshop on July 28 also looks interesting–so many of our printmakers use Japanese paper for its thin flexibility coupled with its strength.

This is just a sampling of the summer courses you can still sign up for.  Pyramid’s workshop website has courses through December up now if you’re the plan-ahead type (handmade holiday cards? Yes, please!)  Check it out and find a class for your creativity!

Show Pics: Doodle Digit Dot and Without Reservations

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Check out our exhibitions this month in the slideshow! Doodle Digit Dot is the solo exhibition by Michael Hagan in our main space, and Without Reservations is the mini-solo in the Press Room by Anne McLaughlin.  Also on view is the member exhibition.

The opening reception for all these shows is next Saturday, October 8, 1-4 pm during Michael’s informal Conversations with the Printmaker.  We hope to see you there!

Printmaking 101: Reductive Serigraph

We’re thinking a lot about serigraphs (aka screenprints or silkscreens) right now as Michael Hagan’s exhibition “Doodle Digit Dot” goes up next week.  We’ll have images and more information about his printing process next month (for now, you can check out his blog entry on halftone screenprints to get an idea of his work and process).  In this entry we wanted to talk about another WPG artist, Andis Applewhite, and her interesting process of reductive serigraphs, which got a lot of questions during her July solo exhibition.

"Freedom 5" by Andis Applewhite, reductive serigraph

You can best understand the process by watching her videoof the process (click the link to see it).  But here’s the basic idea:  Andis uses a water-based resist on the screen.  A resist blocks the screen, so when the squeegee is pulled over it, the ink will not go through to the paper in area’s that have been painted.  Using a water-based resist means Andis can easily manipulate any marks she’s made–picking up areas with a wet sponge or moving the resist around to create a textured background.  However, using a water-based resist also means she must use an oil-based ink.  Oil based ink can be cleaned off the screen with mineral oi or turpentine (or other similar paint thinners) without affecting the water-based resist.  If she used a water-based ink and tried to rinse it off with water, the resist on the screen would come off, too!

Andis starts with a large area of color and prints that first.  In the video, it looks like she started with a black.  Then, she paints the resist on the screen.  The black will remain visible in these areas.  You can see in the video that her second printing of yellow was another large area, with only a few brush-strokes of resist leaving the black from the first layer visible.  Finally, in the video, you can see her painting another layer of resist.  Anywhere this resist doesn’t cover is then printed white.

You can see examples of Andis’ reductive serigraphs in the gallery.  You can also see Michael Hagan’s very different screenprinting process starting next week. Come in and compare the two for yourself!

Welcome Clare Winslow!

"Pearls and String" by Clare Winslow

WPG is pleased to welcome our newest artist member, Clare Winslow.  You may remember the print to the left from last year’s National Small Works Exhibition. Clare’s print “Hands Up” below, was also in Pyramid Atlantic’s annual exhibition at WPG this past April.

Clare is local to the DC area and actually started her intaglio printmaking in the studio of Terry Svat and Pauline Jakobsberg, two other WPG printmakers.  After taking several classes at the Corcoran, screenprinting became her technique of choice, saying:

"Handsup" by Clare Winslow

“Screenprinting enables me to synthesize a variety of creative selves: printmaker, photographer, draftsman, digital artist, and painter. It allows me to easily collage layers of imagery originating from drawings, photographs or scanned objects. And although screenprinting has been known to generate flat, hard-edged images, by way of new techniques, it can also produce prints with depth, texture, and painterly surfaces.”

You can see some of Clare’s prints on our website (click on her name, above), or, better yet, come in and see what we have in the gallery!

“Freedom” review in the Gazette

"Freedom 1" serigraph by Andis Applewhite

In this week’s Gazette (or in the link below) you can read the review by Claudia Rousseau of Andis Applewhite’s current solo exhibition, Freedom, on view at WPG through July 31.  Claudia calls Andis’ work “visually compelling, provocative and intelligent” on both “formal and conceptual levels.” Thanks, Claudia!

Show Pics: Freedom

Andis Applewhite’s new solo exhibition, Freedom, is up at the gallery!  The official opening is Saturday, July 2 (THIS Saturday!) 1-4 pm and the artist talk is Saturday, July 9, 1-4 pm.  If you’re looking for something artsy to do this holiday weekend we suggest this show (we’re open on the 3rd, closed on the 4th)  These prints look great in the photos and even better in person, stop by and check it out!