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Open your eyes to South Africa

(Untitled) by Mfundo Mkhize

(Untitled) by Mfundo Mkhize

Have you checked out our Power2Give project yet?  If not, we hope you do:  Through an exciting partnership with the Johannesburg’s Vula Amehlo Art Development (“Vula Amehlo” means “open your eyes” in Zulu), we are hard at work to produce an exhibition featuring some outstanding South African printmakers.  These artists, the majority of whom are black, range in age from early 20s to mid-30s, and are just launching their careers as artists–developing skills, resumes, and networks that will help them pay the bills with their incredible talent.

This exhibition is scheduled for January 2014, but there’s a lot of work to do before then, and we need your help!  As little as $1 can help us buy the necessary  display materials, create the exhibition brochure, and send any unsold works back at the end of the exhibition.  We are so thankful to Anne Gordon of Vula Amehlo for coordinating the shipping of the works to the US, and the members of Washington Printmakers Gallery for volunteering their time to frame the works and install the show!  Through their efforts, it is estimated we are saving over $4,000 in labor and shipping fees!  But, we still need $1,840 in donations to make our goal of $2,072 in fundraising for this exhibition.  If you donate soon, Monument Bank will provide $0.50 in matching funds for every $1 donated–making your gift go further!  Please take a moment to check out this project, share it with your friends, and donate.  There’s some pretty great thank-you’s available, too!

More from Vula Amehlo: Painting Marikana’s Tragedy

We wanted to share this link from The Daily Maverick–it’s an article from November 2012 in which artist Lehlohonolo Dhlamini, one of the artists affiliated with Vula Amehlo, was interviewed.  Dhlamini painted a series of watercolors dealing with the Marikana Massacre, where police retaliation against a mining strike left 34 dead.  You can read more about the event, and the artist’s reaction to it, at the link above.

Coming in 2014: South African Printmakers

"The Comfort That I Know" by Bambo Sibiya

“The Comfort That I Know” by Bambo Sibiya

Untitled screenprint by Mini Ngoyi

Untitled screenprint by Mini Ngoyi

We’re super excited to announce a partnership with Vula Amehlo Art Development in Johannesburg, which will bring the art of emerging South African Printmakers to WPG in January 0f 2014, making it our third international exhibition in four years.  “Vula Amehlo” means “open your eyes” in Zulu and other South African indigenous languages, and focuses  on promoting the careers of emerging artists through curating exhibitions in both traditional gallery spaces and in other environments, and marketing their work in South Africa and elsewhere.

Their latest exhibition, Afrika Rea Bolela (Afrika Let’s Talk): ARTiculating the Constitution, just wrapped up at the end of last month.  It presented the work of 20 South African artists from the Bataki Kollective, with the aim of stimulating discussion among the artists and between the artists and the  viewers regarding how their art can reflect on the values that are embodied in the South African Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights and in the mission of Constitution Hill (where the exhibition was presented).

"A part of Me" by Mbali Dhlamini

“A part of Me” by Mbali Dhlamini

We’re still not sure exactly which artists will be participating, so the images included with this post are just a taste of some of the wonderful emerging talent in and around Johannesburg.  We hope we’ve whetted your appetite for more-so stay tuned as this project and exhibition are further developed!

Professors of Print in the Washington Post

"Landscape 9" by Liz Klimek

“Landscape 9” by Liz Klimek

That’s right! Check out the review of both Professors of Print and Rilievi here. Bonus: WPG member Ed McCluney’s print OSSACIP, (which you can at the link) is mentioned in his review of the Old Print Gallery winter show.

January 2013 Show Pics

The prints (and corresponding labels, lights, lists, etc) are up!  Stop by our Opening Reception this Saturday 1-4 to check out our 10th Annual January Invitational, Professors of Print, as well as the first Press Room Mini Solo of 2013, Rilievi by Mara Sofia Caligiuri.  Also take a peek at our new frameless hanging system, on trial this month in the members’ exhibition.  We’ve included a picture in the slideshow.  Let us know what you think!

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Saturday Slideshow: Professors of Print Sneak Peek

Start your new year artfully with our 10th Annual January Invitational, Professors of Print, featuring 7 printmaking professors from the metro area.  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the great work that will be in the gallery!

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New shows added!

We’re so excited because we just published our December and January shows to the upcoming exhibitions page of our website!

Trudi working on “The Exposure of Luxury,” image courtesy of Scott Ponemone.

In December, we’ll have Beneath the Old Masters: Evolution and Process by Trudi Y. Ludwig.  The show-stopper of this, well, show, is The Exposure of Luxury (based off of Agnolo Bronzino’s 16th century Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time), the second life-size woodcut of stripped down–literally stripped down to their bones–classical paintings she has completed, the first being Primas Veritas from almost a decade ago.  Want to know more? Scott Ponemone did a great interview with her here.

“Carlos” by Dale Klein

Also in December, we’ll have Dale Klein of Rochester, NY in the Press Room with her thought-provoking mini-solo, Ba beneen: Senegal 2012. Inspired by the time her daughter spent in Senegal during her junior year of college, Dale took a trip there herself in June of 2012. In the prints exhibited here, she seeks to record the precariousness of Senegal’s fragile democracy, the gentleness of the Senegalese people, and the challenges they face due to government corruption and unequal access to education.

Finally, January marks the 10th anniversary of the January Invitational series.  Starting with Jack Boul, we’ve featured some wonderful artists and artist-groups including the New York Society of Etchers, Simon Brett, Helen Frederick, Renee Stout, and Lou Stovall.  This year, we are pleased to present Professors of Print, featuring seven area printmakers: John Carr (Montgomery College), Georgia Deal (Corcoran College of Art and Design), Donald Depuydt (Northern Virginia Community College), Elizabeth Klimek (Corcoran College of Art and Design), Kay McCrohan (Montgomery College), Dennis O’Neil (Corcoran College of Art and Design), and Justin Strom (University of Maryland).

Mark you calendars and we hope to see you this winter at WPG!