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Postcards from Pittsburgh: Borelli-Edwards Gallery

“Small Pacific #2 by Jacqueline Will, courtesy of Borelli-Edwards Galleries.

WPG member artist Martha Oatway and her continuing exploration of her new city: As part of my exploration of Pittsburgh I am visiting different areas of the city. As in Washington, DC, the city of Pittsburgh has areas which have their own local flavor. Located northeast of downtown, Lawrenceville is a section of the city which is undergoing revitalization with galleries, shops and restaurants. I had heard about Borelli-Edwards Galleries and decided that a visit to the gallery would be my initial foray into Lawrenceville.

The original Borelli-Edwards Gallery was established in 1978, in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA, where it evolved into an exhibition space for regional artists and Japanese prints and paintings. The gallery moved to Lawrenceville in 2007, expanding into three galleries, two primarily for regional art and one for Japanese prints. Owner Joy Borelli-Edwards also offers the services of fine art appraisals, estate sales, general and archival framing, installations and print and painting restoration.

Ms. Borelli-Edwards introduced me to the prints of Jacqueline Will, an artist who divides her time between the West Coast and Pittsburgh. A native of Portland, Oregon, Will moved to Pittsburgh in 2008. The move to Pennsylvania presented opportunities to explore unknown territory, vastly different from the expansive western landscape.

Will’s prints are a rich tapestry of printed ink, embossing, and hand drawing. Complex images, they work well from a distance as well as at close range. The larger areas of color and line zing from afar while closer scrutiny reveals the delicate lines of the hand drawn elements contrasting with lively color and embossing of collagraph elements on the monotypes.

“Tiny Daggers” by Jacqueline Will, courtesy of Borelli-Edwards Galleries.

Will states, ‘”The Rose Theory’ series begun in’08 – about 14 pieces now – came about after reflection on an individual described as ‘having gone through life planting roses’ in the face of hardship and adversity. Roses and thorns fit the idea perfectly”.

As Borelli-Edwards Galleries highlights Western Pennsylvania artists I will be visiting it regularly to expand my knowledge of this region’s artists and their work.

Postcard from Pittsburgh

Artists Access on a Tuesday night.

After a final visit earlier this Spring for the 2nd showing of her two-person show, Field of Vision, WPG artist Martha Oatway is permanently back States-side. (At least for now!)  Read on about her latest printmaking doings:

Now that my two year experience in Preston, UK is over I am spending much of my time in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Moving to a new area has its sticky points, a major one of which is; where can I print? My answer came in the form of Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

The Scaife Mansion, which houses the PCA school.

The PCA was founded in 1945 and took possession of the mansion of industrialist Charles D. Marshall which was erected in 1911. In 1946 the Center’s facilities doubled when the next-door mansion of A.M. Scaife was to the city. A short history of the PCA can be found at the link.

The Marshall mansion houses the exhibitions and the Scaife mansion houses the PCA School which offers classes in visual and literary arts. I discovered that the PCA offers Access Membership which allows me to use their printmaking facilities and to meet other printmakers. Immediately after signing up I was happily using one of the two large intaglio presses.

Artist Jen Fabian wipes her plate.

The printmaking facilities include the use of inks, the presses, an area for working and a separate room for acid baths and an exhaust hood. At the moment I can use the facilities three times a week and it’s been a good way to meet other printmakers while being able to work larger than I can in my own small studio at home.

I’ve also joined the Pittsburgh Print Group which is one of the PCA’s eight guilds. I look forward to meeting other printmakers through the PCA and Access membership and hope that at some point WPG and PCA can do a project together.

Travelling Exhibitions to follow

By now you probably have heard of WPG’s own special visiting exhibition, Ex Libris, coming to the gallery in June.  We hope that everyone in the area will be able to join us for this exciting opportunity.  We have two other exhibition announcements we want to share as well:

Multiplicity-this is the exhibition curated by our Excellence in Printmaking juror, Joann Moser.  It closed last Sunday at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and WPG Director Annie Newman was fortunate enough to squeak in a visit.  It’s a lot of work, and some people might even say it’s an overload.  But, being part of a print gallery, Annie found it enjoyable.  She particularly liked R. Luke Dubois’ prints from the “Hindsight is 20/20” portfolio, which takes the most common words from each President’s State of the Union addresses and forms them into a vision chart.  It makes for an interesting comment on each era’s concerns and hot topics.  You have to wait a little while to see this exhibition again, but if you’re anywhere near Little Rock, Arkansas from September 20, 2012–January 6, 2013 we suggest checking it out at the Arkansas Art Center.

Field of Vision-Remember Martha Oatway’s exhibition with Tracy Hill that was here last December?  It’s now at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston, UK.  If you’re in the area, you can check it out until April 14.  Can’t make it to Preston? We also have some prints by Martha at WPG that are part of editions made for that exhibition. You can also read more about it in our current newsletter.

Member Artists News, January 2012 roundup

We’ve listed some of this before, or maybe in different venues, but in case you didn’t hear….

1. Martha Oatway will join her printmaking friend Tracy Hill for the second installation of the Field of Vision exhibition at the Harris Museum in Preston, UK–on view starting soon and up through mid-March.  Best of luck across the pond!

2. Lila Oliver Asher’s print “Dandelion” graces this Spring’s cover of the Daniel Smith Catalog.  You can see a picture of it in our Print of the Day album.

3. Lee Newman has a very nice blog entry written about him on the blog “That’s Inked Up,” which you can read here.

4. Ed McCluney has work in the “Dutch Auction” exhibition at Parish Gallery.  You can read our earlier posting on that exhibition here.

5. Finally, we want to give you a little teaser:  A group of WPG member artists and friends will be exhibiting prints at two locations in Shanghai this April.  In return, a group of Chinese artists will be exhibiting at WPG this June.  We’re working on the press materials now, full details will be posted in a week or two.  Check back soon!

Intern Perspective – Field of Vision

Field of Vision is a unique show combining the discoveries of two a like artists in one another’s respective homelands. Despite the differences in Martha Oatway and Tracy Hill’s prints, wholeness is created among them through the unity of their one vision. Their shared multidimensional experiences shine through the communication of their works.The show consists of prints with abstract expressionist qualities illustrating different locations around Washington and Preston. Martha Oatway’s prints carry a mysterious mood with their muted colors and eye-catching patterns. She uses various techniques, my favorite in particular being her screen prints on Plexiglas. Oatway’s enigmatic aura distinguishes her work from Hill’s. Hill work is more conceptual, abstract, and less formal. She has beautiful combines where she presents translucent layers of print and drawing on acrylic panels. Hill says the layers in her work “connect with the layered histories and physical creation of the landscape but the overlaid images reflect on the fragility of the earth.” The 10 hanging screen print’s Hill made engage the viewer as the lightly sway in the front of the gallery. Their purpose being to invite the viewer to “ consider the narratives of those places through time” I truly think this is successfully done. The viewer is able to capture that ambiance from this series and relate it to the rest of show. I feel as if the entire show is to express the journey and process that rendered the art itself. The way the artist’s incorporate maps and a constant audio track playing in the vault of the sound the artist heard during their walks, really enables the viewer to fully indulge in the exploration and passage of time. I enjoyed the uncommon partner show, it felt like a performance piece to me.

Sneak Peek: December and January Exhibitions

Below is a slideshow of work by Martha Oatway, Tracy Hill, and the New York Society of Etchers.  Martha and Tracy’s show, Field of Vision, opens next week.  This exhibition pushes past the usual print-on-paper-in-frame to include large, free-floating prints by Tracy that hang down into the gallery from the ceiling, prints on plexi by Martha, and a sound installation in the Press Room.  The opening reception is Saturday, December 3, 1-4 pm.  We’re especially delighted to have Tracy joining us all the way from Preston, England!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last few images of the above slide show are be several members of the New York Society of Etchers, who are WPG’s January Invitational artists.  NYSE was formed in 1998, in the spirit of a preceding group known as the New York Etchers Club (founded in 1877). Today’s New York Society of Etchers focuses on providing exhibition opportunities to intaglio printmaking specialists in New York City, and is internationally recognized as an artist-run print organization with dozens of major exhibitions. Currently, there are close to 300 New York printmakers associated with the society (ten of which will be exhibiting here).  The opening for this exhibition is Saturday, January 7 1-4 pm.

A few quick November Reminders from WPG

Don’t forget these events as the holidays draw closer and calendars start getting crowded!

"Land of Indigenous People" by Pauline Jakobsberg

1. Pauline’s artist talk is today, actually, in just about one hour from the time of this posting.  Come hear her talk about the compelling story behind Haven and how she made the prints.

2. The WPG Holiday Party is Sunday, December 11, 2-5 pm.  This is free and open to the public, lots of WPG artists will be here.  We hope you can come and join in some artful holiday cheer.

"Foot Square 1" by Tracy Hill

3. Tracy Hill, the UK artist exhibiting with WPG member Martha Oatway in the December exhibition Field of Vision will be teaching a master class at Pyramid Atlantic on Sunday, December 4 on Acrylic Soft Ground Etching.  You can view all the classes and register at the link above.

4. Saturday, November 26 (the day after Black Friday) is Small Business Saturday.  Look in your upcoming emails from WPG for a special participatory offer.  If you’re not on our mailing list, sign up now!

5. Don’t forget, if you’re an artist, that we have two calls for entry going on now.  Details are at the link above.

We hope to see you here!